About Alot Enterprise Company Ltd.

Established in 1989, Alot Enterprises Co. Ltd. has established itself as a pioneer in developing and manufacturing top quality and specialty products in both optics and electronics. The company’s team in Hong Kong is made up of cross-generational creative minds, highly educated engineers and experienced manufacturing leaders. This well respected and talented group has been successfully bringing into the market with hundreds of well received products in the past decades.
Amalgamating optics and electronics was an industry’s first; and Alot has always lead the way in OEM & ODM design and manufacturing of optical and electronic products for a wide array of highly visible brands worldwide. 

Our products and services

With decades of combined expertise and experience in factory management, product design, pattern creation and successful registration, some of ALOT’s note-worthy accomplishments over the years include (but not limited to):
  • Bringing China made waterproof binocular to international market
  • Introduced the world’s first power zoom binocular
  • Introduced the world’s first power zoom riflescope
  • Patented individual focus marine binocular with user friendly levers for rapid focusing
  • Invented binoculars with built-in radio
  • Patented 45 degree rotating telescope tri-head eyepiece holder
  • Pioneered body spray-painting (silky rubber finishing) which has since been widely adopted in the industry
  • Development of cat-eyes binocular in fashionable designs
  • Various patented and licensed electronic items for major brand names in mobile communication and computing
  • Developed varies electronically controlled dot-sight scope
  • Long Range High Power digital spotting scope
  • Thermal Imaging solution

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